Initial Alternate ELPAC

The Initial Alternate ELPAC is the required state test for identification of English language proficiency that is administered to eligible students with the most significant cognitive disabilities and whose individualized education program (IEP) team has designated the use of an alternate assessment on statewide summative assessments.

Find more detailed information about test administration in the Initial Alternate ELPAC Online Test Administration Manual.

How the Initial Alternate ELPAC Works


Who takes these tests?

Students whose IEP identifies the use of alternate assessments and whose home language survey results indicate a language other than English take the Initial Alternate ELPAC. There is no parent opt out or medical exemption for this assessment.


What is the test format?

The Initial Alternate ELPAC is computer-based and administered one-on-one by a test examiner who is familiar with the student.


When is the testing window?

For information on the testing window and assessment timeline, refer to the Assessment System Chart and the California Assessment Timeline.


Which standards are tested?

The Initial Alternate ELPAC tests alternate performance standards derived from the 2012 California English Language Development Standards, called the English Language Development Connectors for the Alternate ELPAC.


What is the estimated testing time?

The Initial Alternate ELPAC is an untimed test. Estimated testing times vary between forms, grade levels and grade spans, and domains. Visit the Alternate ELPAC: Estimated Testing Times web page for additional information.

Initial Alternate ELPAC Resources

Resources About the Initial Alternate ELPAC

Initial Alternate ELPAC Assessment Fact Sheet CDE Parent Guides to Understanding
Alternate ELPAC Task Type Information Sheet

Lists the task types on the Alternate ELPAC

ELPAC Information Guide

Provides local educational agencies, schools, educators, and families with the information they need to administer the ELPAC

Administration Resources

Response Options for Alternate Assessments

Provides guidance on pausing or marking no response

Alternate ELPAC Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines

Provides additional guidance for maximizing accessibility in the Alternate ELPAC

Alternate ELPAC Answer Choice Cards

Available for students who use them in their daily instruction and available as a standalone PDF for test examiners to either print, resizing as needed to fit the student's needs; or use on a communication device, as appropriate for the individual student; information about secure picture cards for the Alternate ELPAC can be found on the Ordering Test Materials web page

Scoring and Correction Resources

Alternate ELPAC Participation and Scoring

Provides information of different participation configurations based on student responses

The Correction of Classification Process At-A-Glance

Provides information on the process of correcting a student’s English language acquisition status