Administer a Test Session

Find information and materials to aid in the administration of the CAASPP and ELPAC.

Start a Summative Test Session

System Description
Test Administrator Interface

Access the Test Administrator Interface that is used to access all CAASPP and ELPAC online assessments.

TOMS—Test Operations Management System

Assign user roles for accessing assessments and related systems and to manage student and assessment information.


Have you signed your Security Affidavit this year? If you do not see summative assessments to administer in the Test Administrator Interface, you may need to log on to the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) and sign any relevant security forms.


Access and review the Test Administration Documentation (scripts, DFAs, etc.) or other testing resources on this page prior to testing as needed.


Go to the Test Administrator Interface to start or schedule a test session.

Test Administration Documentation

Depending on the assessment being administered, documents are available to aid in the administration process in the form of scripts, Preparing for Administration (PFA) documents, and Directions for Administration (DFAs).

To find the documents for a particular assessment more easily, use the following drop-down menu:


Smarter Balanced for ELA and Mathematics

Scripts for the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) are split into separate documents for the Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) portion and the Performance Task (PT) portion of the tests.

California Science Test (CAST)

California Spanish Assessment (CSA)

California Alternate Assessments (CAAs)

DFAs for all CAAs are secure and are only available in TOMS under the Resources tab.


DFAs for all ELPAC tests are secure and are only available in TOMS under the Resources tab.

Initial Alternate ELPAC

Summative Alternate ELPAC