TOMS Resources

Use the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) to find and manage information related to testing. Local educational agency (LEA) coordinators and superintendents are responsible for giving users access to TOMS.

System Description
TOMS—Test Operations Management System

Access TOMS to View MyTOMS At-A-Glance; manage users and roles; enter student test assignments and test settings; download student score reports and score data files; access the Security and Test Administration Incident Reporting System (STAIRS) and California Alert Reporting System (CARS); and run reports for current-year data.

Updated nightly, data displays and completion status reports are based on the previous business day’s data. Last Refreshed date and time are located directly under the LEA name in the MyTOMS At-A-Glance page.

Completion Status System

Access this system to view test progress for students and download test completion status reports at the school or LEA level.

Updated in real time, this system includes the most up-to-date completion status information for student testing.

Adding and Managing Users

New users can access their TOMS accounts approximately one hour after the user has been added. Users are able to administer a summative assessment 30–60 minutes after signing a test security affidavit electronically in TOMS.

Test Assignments

Eligible students are able to take the alternate assessments two days after being assigned an alternate assessment in TOMS.

Test Settings

Test settings are available for students to use two hours after the test setting is assigned in TOMS. More information about test settings is available on the Accessibility Resources web page.

SSRs and Reporting

Student Score Reports (SSRs) and student score data files are available within TOMS. Information and resources related to this reporting information can be found on the SSRs and Reporting Resources web page.