Technology Resources and Secure Browsers

Find resources and information for managing the technology for computer-based testing.

Operating Systems and Secure Browsers

Find information about supported operating systems and devices, as well as information about secure browsers, on the Secure Browsers web page.

Note: A new version of a supported desktop or mobile operating system may not be supported immediately upon its release. It is recommended that you do not upgrade student testing devices until the operating system version is supported, which is typically done within 60 days.

System Downtime and Known Issues

Dates when various systems will be unavailable for testing, and weekend maintenance dates that will be used only if needed, are available on the System Downtime web page.

Known issues that have an impact on testing, and resolutions to the issues, are available on the Known Issues web page.

Bandwidth for Online Testing

The Network Diagnostics web page allows users to select the test and expected number of test takers to which reports network download and upload capacity to verify adequate bandwidth for testing.

Technical Specifications and Configuration

The CAASPP and ELPAC Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for Online Testing provides detailed information about hardware and software, peripheral equipment requirements, as well as details on network and secure browser configuration.

Technology Readiness Checker for Students (TRCS)

Resources for TRCS

The Technology Readiness Checker for Students is a game-like tool students navigate to create a storyboard. It not an assessment, does not provide scores, and is entirely optional. The navigation is similar to the navigation used in a computer-based assessment and can be used to determine the student’s technology readiness.