California Spanish Assessment

The California Spanish Assessment (CSA) is part of CAASPP. Find more detailed information about test administration in the CAASPP Online Test Administration Manual.

How the CSA Works


Who takes these tests?

The CSA is an optional test for students in grades three through twelve that tests their Spanish language arts/literacy skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


What is the test format?

The CSA is a computer-based, linear assessment.


When is the testing window?

For information on the testing window and assessment timeline, refer to the Assessment System Chart and the California Assessment Timeline.


Which standards are tested?

The CSA test the California Common Core State Standards en Español.


What is the estimated testing time?

Assessments are estimated to take approximately four hours; however, the CSA is untimed.

CSA Resources

Available Resources

CSA Assessment Fact Sheet CDE Parent Guides to Understanding Guidance for Analyzing CSA Results
CSA Training Test

A flyer that can be shared with parents/guardians about the training tests.