Video Student Score Reports

Two personalized video Student Score Reports (SSRs) are available to purchase for the 2023–24 test administration:

  1. CAASPP Smarter Balanced for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics
  2. Summative ELPAC

Videos are available in English and Spanish only for 2023–24. Other languages will be added for future test administrations.

Sample Video SSRs

The following links are sample versions of the video SSRs. Note: Final video SSRs will differ slightly from these sample versions.

Order Personalized Video SSRs for 2023–24

Video SSRs can be ordered now through June 30, 2024. If you are interested in purchasing videos for your LEA or receiving additional information about video SSRs, complete the Personalized Video SSR Interest Form.

Cost of Personalized Video SSRs

Personalized video SSRs will cost $1 per video. If the student’s primary language is Spanish, you will receive an additional video in Spanish at no extra charge.

New and Improved

The personalized video SSRs provide the following new features:

Animated front of school from video Student Score Report.
  • More customization, including your school logo and school name
  • Interactivity, where viewers can select buttons to choose their own journey
  • Quick results, so videos will be available at the same time as scores
  • Animation and positive messaging for students
  • Access to a user-friendly dashboard with analytics

Benefits of Personalized Video SSRs

The benefits of video SSRs include the following:

Animated classroom with students from video Student Score Report.
  • Video SSRs, when used in addition to traditional reporting, can reach a diverse range of families and result in a better level of understanding the test scores.
  • The video SSR can “point” families to specific conclusions and even to personalized recommendations, such as resources that are aligned to a student’s needs.
  • Videos provide additional opportunities for families to interact with the student’s SSR. Each video is specific to the student, providing educators, students, and families with easy-to-understand insights.
  • Since video SSRs can be viewed through mobile devices, they provide a more engaging format for families who may not use a computer regularly.
  • Video SSRs can explain scores more than conventional SSRs, helping parents/guardians better understand and act on the results.
  • Video viewing is trackable; LEAs will be able to know whether a family viewed a child’s scores and, through an embedded survey, whether the family understood and acted on the video SSR (i.e., discussing their child’s score with the child or the teacher).

Distributing Video SSRs to Parents/Guardians

Video SSRs will be available with the release of the SSRs. LEAs will be provided links to each student’s video SSRs to distribute to parents/guardians.

Video SSR links can be provided to parents/guardians via a locally determined secure method. LEAs could distribute video SSRs using any of the following methods:

  • Create a mail merge to send an email
  • Send a text message to parents/guardians using the LEA-standard communication method
  • Publish the video SSR link to the LEA’s parent or student portal
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