Summative Alternate ELPAC Form Assignments

The Summative Alternate ELPAC has two different test forms for the 2023–24 administration.

Test forms are assigned at the LEA level; however, large LEAs—such as Fresno Unified, Los Angeles Unified, and San Diego Unified—may be assigned to forms at the school level. An LEA that does not appear in this search tool will be assigned to use Form 1 by the test delivery system at the time of administration.

Test forms determine which Directions for Administration (DFAs) are to be used. DFAs can be accessed in TOMS under the Resources tab. Test examiners and site coordinators will have access to only the DFA that corresponds to the form their school was assigned for testing. LEA coordinators will have access to all forms of all DFAs.

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Additional Form and DFA Information

Students Who Move LEAs

  • A student who started and did not finish a domain at the previous LEA will complete the domain using the form assigned to the previous LEA.
  • A student who did not start a domain or who has completed a domain will complete all other domains using the form assigned to the new LEA.